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Welcome to the Relcross waterless urinals online catalogue.

Welcome to the Relcross waterless urinals online catalogue.

From 2012, UK water companies increased bills by an average 5.7% and in one region, 8.8%. Saving water reduces costs and saves money.

Each Falcon waterless urinal saves an average of 150,000 litres (33,000 gallons) of fresh water per year.

Falcon Waterless urinals already make global water savings of over 50 billion litres (11billion gallons) per year. Once installed, a Falcon Waterless urinal will reduce your water bills and improve green credentials.

A waterless urinal will not leak. A small steady leak from a cistern can waste up to 227,000 litres (50,000 gallons) of water per year. Often, leaks go undetected in a flush urinal; escaping water spreads across the back of the bowl and is hard to see. A stuck urinal flush valve can waste 6,370 litres (1,400 gallons) per day!

The only way to guarantee no wasted water is to replace flush or low flush urinals with Falcon Waterless urinals.

Introducing the NEW Falcon Velocity Replacement Cartridge
- new features and benefits videos below -

1. Velocity Cartridge - Odour Prevention Technology

2. Velocity Cartridge - Cartridge Change Indicator     

3. Velocity Cartridge - Cleaner housing & better flow


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