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Falcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water Conservation

Waterless Cartridges Online been promoting its range of water conservation products for almost 10 years. Our products are aimed primarily at commercial washroom/shower facilities where significant volumes of water can be used on a daily basis. The waterless urinal is one of those rare products that saves money and time while conserving natural resources. The savings for individual facilities can be significant. The new Falcon Velocity™ Cartridge (replacing the Sealtrap product) is designed for Falcon Waterless Urinals (using Falcon H1 & H3 Housings) and Armitage Aridian Vitreous China Waterless Urinals (also using Falcon H1 & H3 Housings).

Falcon | Installations around the world from the Taj Mahal and Beijing Airport to Barcelona FC.

Our Falcon-Velocity™ waterless urinal system is at the forefront of waterless technology. Its gravity fed design moves urine through the system without using or wasting any water. Saving 100% of the energy associated with traditional flush urinals also saving you money by eliminating the rising costs associated with water and sewage rates.

F7000.H1 Falcon Lava Waterless Urinal | Horizontal (Back) DrainEach Falcon waterless urinal saves an average of 150,000 litres (33,000 Imperial gallons) of fresh water annually. Falcon-Velocity™ waterless urinals are making global water savings of over 50 billion litres (11 billion Imperial gallons) annually. Every Falcon-Velocity™ waterless urinal you install will reduce your water bill and improve green credentials.

Falcon-Velocity™ waterless urinals will not leak. A small steady leak from a cistern can waste up to 227,000 litres (50,000 Imperial gallons) of water annually. Often, leaks go undetected in a flush urinal; escaping water spreads across the back of the bowl and is hard to detect. A stuck urinal flush valve can waste 6,370 litres (1,400 Imperial gallons) per day! The only way to guarantee no wasted water is to replace flush or low flush urinals with Falcon-Velocity™ waterless urinals.

Falcon-Velocity™ Cartridges -Touch Free

There’s no need to flush, since Falcon-Velocity™ waterless urinals are touch-free, which virtually eliminates the spread of bacteria. As a result, bacteria have no way of spreading through the flush plumes ejected with every use by flush urinals leaving areas around Falcon-Velocity™ waterless urinals cleaner and safer.

Falcon-Velocity™ Cartridges - Odour Free

The Falcon-Velocity™ cartridge's air-tight seal combined with a patented external cavity and liquid sealant barrier are estimated to be 500 times more efficient at eliminating odours than conventional P-traps.

Falcon-Velocity™ Cartridges - Housings

The housing forms a lock between the urinal fixture and the Falcon-Velocity™ cartridge, providing a tightly sealed fit with every installation, for a cleaner restroom with significantly reduced odour.

Falcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Horizontal Drain Housing   Falcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Vertical Drain Housing

Falcon-Velocity™ Cartridges - Fewer Bacteria

A common misconception exists that water helps achieve better hygiene, but that’s simply not true for urinal hygiene. Just like us, bacteria depend upon water for survival. Since Falcon-Velocity™ waterless urinals use no water for flushing, this product creates a less fertile breeding ground for bacteria. In fact, research shows that Falcon-Velocity™ waterless urinals harbour up to 5 times fewer bacteria than conventional flush urinals.

Download the Shanghai Bacteria Count Test Report to learn more.
Falcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water ConservationFalcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water ConservationFalcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water ConservationFalcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water ConservationFalcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water ConservationFalcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water ConservationFalcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water ConservationFalcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water ConservationFalcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water ConservationFalcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water ConservationFalcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water Conservation


Falcon-Velocity™ Cartridges - Did you Know?

Falcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water Conservation

The average person in England and Wales uses 150 litres of water per day. By 2020 the overall demand for water could increase by 800 million extra litres of water per day.

Most water is used for washing and toilet flushing. Collectively, the country uses almost 50% more water now than it did 25 years ago. The average family uses approximately 500 litres of water per day. 

The Future Water Association outlines a vision for the average person to reduce the water they use by 20 litres per day to 130 litres a day. For 50% of the population, using a Falcon-Velocity™ waterless urinal will assist in achieving this figure.

Falcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water Conservation

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Falcon Velocity™ Cartridges | Water Conservation

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