P-Wave® Slant 6 Urinal Deodoriser (Ocean Mist) | Ten Pack

P-Wave® Slant 6 Urinal Deodoriser (Ocean Mist) | Ten Pack

P-Wave® Slant 6 Urinal Deodoriser (Ocean Mist) | Ten Pack

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    MPN: WZS660OM | P-Wave® Slant 6 Urinal Deodoriser (Ocean Mist) | Ten Pack


    The highly fragranced, simple solution for Waterless Urinals

    P-Wave Slant 6 is the ultimate splash-reducing screen - combining the patented technology of a 30-day urinal air freshener/deodoriser with the new, more effective, two-sided design. Biodegradable and highly fragranced with less plastic than the previous HEX-3D design.

    • Contains EcoPure® additive – up to 70% product biodegradation within two years
    • The most effective urinal deodoriser on the market
    • More fragrance than any competitor with less plastic (fits more urinals than ever!)
    • Hundreds of 'splash-eliminating' slant bristles, ensure walls, floors and trousers are kept dry
    • 'Anyway-up' design ensures correct installation every time
    • Deodorises the drain below the surface with billions of beneficial bacteria
    • Compatible with waterless urinals
    • Low VOC’s
    • 100% recyclable
    • Easy to Install

    The all-new Slant 6 screen from P-Wave® is another huge step forward regarding urinal deodorising technology. With the same high fragrance load synonymous with P-Wave® urinal screens, the Slant 6 consistently outperforms other 30-day urinal mats. Best of all, the Slant 6 will keep walls, floors, and trousers dry—thanks to the unique virtually ‘zero splash’ angled bristle design. 

    P-Wave® is the only brand in the UK with anti-splash technology on both sides of the screen, which prevents products from being installed incorrectly.

    Despite being the most fragrant on the market, the Slant 6 has lower plastic content than any other 'highly fragranced' urinal screen. The product is 100% recyclable and contains the Ecopure™ additive for faster biodegradation should it go to landfill*. As with all P-Wave® urinal screens, billions of beneficial bacteria help deodorise the drain below the surface.

    Slant 6 is compatible with Waterless Urinals.

    *Ecopure™ treated products show significantly accelerated biodegradation compared to untreated plastics. The Slant 6 is currently being tested under plastic anaerobic biodegradation testing (ASTM D 5511), and after 175 days, there is 15.7% biodegradation. We are continuing the test for an additional 555 days and, based on previous lab results, expect the biodegradation to increase to between 50% and 70% biodegradation in 2 years. Final biodegradation results are affected by local environmental conditions.


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