SB10-2P.15 | Ion ScaleBuster® (.1/2" BSP) | Limescale Control

SB10-2P.15 | Ion ScaleBuster® (.1/2" BSP) | Limescale Control

SB10-2P.15 | Ion ScaleBuster® (.1/2" BSP) | Limescale Control

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    MPN: SB10-2P.15 | Ion ScaleBuster® (.1/2" BSP) | Limescale Control

    This .1/2" BSP version of the Ion ScaleBuster® provides the installer with compression fittings to suit conventional .1/2" BSP domestic pipe. If space allows, Ion ScaleBuster® should be installed vertically upstream of pressure boosters or pumps. Always read the installation instructions before attempting to install.

    The Ion ScaleBuster® is a proven water conditioning solution for general appliances and heating & plumbing equipment.

    • Inhibits limescale - hard water areas 
    • Reduces corrosion - hard water and soft water areas 
    • Dissolves limescale from existing pipework over time - cleaning pipes and enhancing water flow
    • Zero operating costs – requiring no chemicals, magnets or electricity
    • Certified for potable water by WRAS (UK) - for safe drinking water and food preparation 
    • Maintenance-free – no moving parts
    • Maximum flow rate - 0.56 litres per second

    How it Works | YouTube Videos | Ion ScaleBuster® | Limescale Control

    Designed for domestic applications only, the DN20-24 Ion ScaleBuster® (.3/4" BSP) 's proprietary electrostatic technology works effectively and efficiently—without chemicals, power, or moving parts. The hydrodynamic conditions present during the operation force the precipitation of crystals in the water. This process prevents the formation of limescale and corrosion in new installations. It allows water to dissolve and absorb the scale attached to internal piping and equipment surfaces in retrofit situations.


    Electrical earth bonding (grounding) is essential to and instrumental in the correct performance of the Ion ScaleBuster®. See the schematics in the installation instructions for guidance on earth bonding - for metal and plastic pipework. Proper earthing is also essential for safety reasons - consult a qualified electrician.

    Earth-bonding clamp straps and cables are included with this product.

    Warranty - 10 Years (Potable Water Installations Only)


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