BlueSeal® | 100ml Portion Aid

BlueSeal® | 100ml Portion Aid

BlueSeal® | 100ml Portion Aid

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    MPN: BlueSeal® (#4002) | 100ml Portion Aid


    • Screw the PortionAid onto a BlueSeal® bottle
    • Squeeze the bottle to measure out 100ml of BlueSeal® into the PortionAid.
    • Pour the BlueSeal® directly into the Velocity™ Cartridge
    • Task Time: 20 Seconds

    Our simple and efficient tool for BlueSeal® This item is for genuine BlueSeal® bottles only. Please follow the instructions on the bottle—the recommended amount is 100ml per re-fill, i.e., approximately 10 re-fills per 1L bottle. Accurately measure the BlueSeal® with a PortionAid. Fill the PortionAid on top of the bottle by simply squeezing the bottle. Pour contents directly into the cartridge. The PortionAid minimises BlueSeal® waste and protects from overfilling.


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